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Residence Visas


 Golden Visa 

Work Colleagues

 Investor & Employee Visa 

Designing on Laptop

 Freelance Visa 

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 Family Visa 

Tennis Player

 Retired Visa 


Golden Visa

The Golden visa is a long-term residency visa that allows investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, excellent students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes to live, work, or study in the UAE.

Investor Visa Types


For two years  that allows to work & live in UAE as investor who owns a Business.


Residence for two years for owners of property in Dubai worth at least 750,000 AED

Or Residence for 10 years for owners of property in Dubai worth at least 2 million AED

Lifetime Investor Visa

Having an investment of 10 million AED in the UAE’s civil sector or invest a minimum of AED 5 million in a property to obtain a lifetime investor visa in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE

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Other Visa Types

Employee Visa

Standard Residence for two years for employees in Private or Goverment sector.

Retired Visa

Residence for 5 years for retired residents above 55 years old and own property in Dubai worth at least 1 million AED.

Freelance Visa

Applied for freelance License who can operate as freelancers and there is no need for sponsor or hiring side

Family Visa

Employers and employees (regardless of job title with a minimum salary of AED 4,000) that have valid UAE residence visas can both sponsor residence visas for their families.

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What is a UAE Residence Visa?

A UAE Residence Visa allows foreigners to live in the United Arab Emirates for an extended period. Unlike short-term visas, residence visas are valid for 3 to 10 years, with the possibility of renewal for up to 10 years. This visa is essential as the UAE does not offer permanent residency, but allows individuals to continually renew their visas to remain in the country.


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