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About Us


Visa & Business is a prominent business setup and Company Formation services provider in Dubai, UAE. We can help you from anywhere in the world to set up your own  business in Dubai UAE, without having to go through the fuss by yourself.

We have studied the evolution of the Dubai business market policies thoroughly. Further, we have deep knowledge of every single law involved in starting a company and running a successful business in Dubai, UAE.

We started off with Company Setup Services to help companies in entering the UAE market. We have also added Business Services to our offerings to address virtually every single aspect of running UAE operations so you don’t have to feel alone.

​While the technical, administrative and financial aspects for business setup in Dubai can seem challenging, we aim to provide you with the right support to process and make your business setup easy.

Why Visa & Business?

Visa & Business is more than just a company that brings your vision into reality in the UAE. With our vision, mission and values, we will be adding value to your business activities as well, bridging the eastern and western cultures harmonically.


Our support covers just about everything you need to start a business, to everything in between, till finish. Including but limited to:

  • Filling up an application form to inform us about your business in details

  • Setting a clear vision of your business (vision, mission and values)

  • Advising what types of visa setup matches the business

  • Sending a quotation

  • Choosing the plan

  • Sending us the required documents

  • Starting the procedures

  • Agreeing on payment procedures (part or full/type of payment.. )

  • Tracking the business setup

  • Sending the license

  • Starting the visa processing

  • Adding dependents to the visa

  • Starting the business

  • Following up on your needs

  • Providing you with the target customer/audience

Our Mission

Our mission lies in bridging the eastern and western cultures together harmonically, and in providing opportunities for middle easterns to shine in their business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a new hometown, providing a home country inside a country for middle easterns, and reinforce the value of belonging in the hearts of outlanders.

Our Values

  • Belonging

  • Trust

  • Transparency

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